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The Farm

Steve and Leigh Herod along with their two sons Sam and Bertie took the tenancy on Hill farm in October 2014.


Hill Farm is a working 300 Acre arable farm. The farm is managed using a system called "Conservation Agriculture", A sustainable way of farming.  All crops are planted without cultivating the soil to help increase the worms and improve soil health.


Crops of Wheat, Barley, Oats, Peas, Linseed, Oil Seed Rape are planted.


We plant numerous environmental schemes such as wild flower margins, wild bird mixtures.


Bees and Honey

The farm has beehives that enable us to produce our own honey as well as polinate the crops we have.


The Cafe

With the National Trust's goodwill and encouragement, the redundant 18th century barn was transformed into Hill Farm Barn “Walk in Café” supplying the area with a charming and educational rest stop for walkers, cyclists, horse riders and families.


We strive to provide as much as possible from British farmed sources and local suppliers.


We feel very strongly that Hill Farm Barn is as much as a part of our home as it is a business.

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